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This CSC module takes advantage OpenCL backends to parallelize the conversion process and speed things up. Backends are available for many types of GPUs and CPUs.

csc_opencl Installation

As of v0.11, the OpenCL module is installed by default, but to actually use this module you must ensure that OpenCL and providers are installed on your system.

Module Options

  • select which device type is used as backend using:
    XPRA_OPENCL_DEVICE_TYPE=devicetype xpra start ...

Where devicetype is either GPU or CPU.

  • choose the OpenCL implementation to use when more than one are installed:
    XPRA_OPENCL_PLATFORM="Intel" xpra ...
  • select a specific OpenCL device when more than one is available:
    XPRA_OPENCL_DEVICE_NAME="GeForce GTX 760" xpra ...

To get more information use: