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  • Clients

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     1{{{#!div class="box"
     2= Xpra Clients =
     5There are a number of client implementations, but only the Python GTK2 is really usable at present. However, fixing or adding new clients is relatively easy as most of the features are optional and the client code is much simpler than the server side.
     8{{{#!div class="box"
     9== Python GTK2 Client ==
     11This is the default client, fully supported, the only full featured client.
     13It supports {{{PixmapBacking}}}, {{{CairoBacking}}} and {{{GLPixmapBacking}}} for drawing window contents. (see [/wiki/ClientRendering] for details)
     14{{{OpenGL}}} should be used by default when supported.
     17{{{#!div class="box"
     18== Python GTK3 Client ==
     20'''Work in progress''' ticket #90: this client is not yet usable, it does not support keyboard input yet and lacks a number of features, it is also slower than the GTK2 client and only supports rendering via {{{CairoBacking}}}.
     23{{{#!div class="box"
     24== Python Qt4 Client ==
     26'''Work in progress''' ticket #388: this client is not yet usable.
     29{{{#!div class="box"
     30== Java Client ==
     32The (unsupported) Java client has backends for:
     33* AWT
     34* Swing
     35* GTK-Java
     36In all cases, only "jpeg" and "png" encodings are supported at present.
     39{{{#!div class="box"
     40== Android Client ==
     42The (unsupported) Android client has the same limitations as the Java client with which it shares most of the code apart from the actual rendering which uses native Android classes. The window borders are drawn by the application.
     45{{{#!div class="box"
     46== HTML5 Client ==
     48This client does not exist yet, see #473