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Changes between Version 1 and Version 2 of Clipboard

02/28/13 10:19:24 (8 years ago)
Antoine Martin



  • Clipboard

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    33Clipboard support is an ongoing struggle.
    44One common difficulty with Windows clients is that these platforms only have a single (*) clipboard whereas X11 has three ({{{CLIPBOARD}}}, {{{PRIMARY}}} and {{{SECONDARY}}}), and therefore we need to choose which one to exchange with.
    5 This can be changed at runtime via the tray menu.
     5This can be changed at runtime via the tray menu. (see also #272)
    66On OSX, I cannot find any good asynchronous clipboard API, the clipboard is simply not implemented there yet (see #11)
    3131Related tickets:
    3232* #41: when we support concurrent users on the same session, we currently give the clipboard to the first client - doing anything else will be quite tricky
    33 * #11 win32 and osx clipboard ticket
     33* #272 win32 multiple clipboards enhancement
     34* #273 handle more clipboard formats
     35* #274 advanced clipboard filtering
    3436* #184 clipboard related bug, clipboard can fire at any time... so bugs may appear to come from somewhere else when in fact it is the clipboard that is the source of the problem - to keep in mind
    3537* #162 very hard to reproduce bug - relied on the list (and their order) of X11 atoms defined, as we tried to parse invalid values as X11 atoms
    3840* #52 another atom name issue, this time with Java apps
    3941* #8, #84 and #99 (dupe: #104): more clipboard atom problems
     42* #11 win32 and osx clipboard ticket (old)