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GL debugging


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    152152Alternatively, if you set "Attach" to yes, the debugger will ask you to what running process you want to attach upon pressing F5.
     156== OpenGL ==
     158Whenever you encounter problems with client-side OpenGL rendering, for example with OpenGL error messages, crashes, or visual artifacts, there are some specific steps to take to investigate.
     159The most important thing is to build the tool Apitrace (https://github.com/apitrace/apitrace) according to the documentation https://github.com/apitrace/apitrace/blob/master/INSTALL.markdown, and use it on Xpra to get a full trace.
     161This trace will enable you to replay the actions of the client without having to re-run it; giving you additional error tracing, ability to send the trace to another person, and ability to replay the exact same steps every time.
     163Use as follows:
     165$ apitrace xpra attach <your regular commandline>
     166- Do whatever is needed to reproduce the issue you are experiencing. Beware: Apitrace is keeping a copy of everything you do in RAM, it's going to be huge, so don't run the session for too long, and focus on reproducing one issue at a time.
     167- Exit Xpra when done
     168$ qapitrace
     169File -> load the trace
     170Then go to Trace -> Replay and check both boxes
     172Apitrace will replay your trace and report in the bottom panel any errors it found, with additional explanation as compared to what the GL driver typically gives.