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Changes between Version 41 and Version 42 of Encodings

04/02/14 08:09:55 (7 years ago)
Antoine Martin



  • Encodings

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    2222 * h264: either using [/wiki/Encodings/x264 x264] or [/wiki/Encodings/nvenc nvenc]
    2323 * {{{h265}}} using {{{x265}}} (not usable, far too slow)
    2427Note: for backwards compatibility, on versions older than 0.10.10 you have to specify the encoding as ''x264'' to get ''h264''. Newer versions use ''h264'', but ''x264'' will remain for command-line compatibility.
    2831== Choosing an Encoding ==
    2932The best thing to do is to try them all and choose the one that provides the best results.
    3034Here are some rough guidelines:
    3135* on LANs with 100MBit/s or higher: {{{rgb}}} + zlib/lz4 should give you the best latency possible (whilst consuming quite a lot of bandwidth in the process..)
    3337* to save a little bit of bandwidth at the expense of framerate and latency, use lossless encodings: {{{png}}} or {{{webp}}}
    3438* otherwise, choose {{{h264}}}} and tune the speed/quality to suit your needs (see below)
    3540The other encodings are somewhat less useful:
    3641* [/wiki/Encodings/vpx vpx : VP8] is similar to {{{h264}}} but it does not support all speed and quality tuning, it also subsamples colours which leads to visual degradation. {{{VP9}}} is so slow it is unusable.