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  • Logging

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     1{{{#!div class="box"
     2= Logging =
     4Sometimes the problem is so obvious that you will simply get the error directly from the command line or in the server log file.
     7Otherwise, a good first step is to start xpra from the command line and add "{{{-d CATEGORY}}}" to it. The list of categories can be found with {{{xpra -d help}}}.
     8You can also prefix the {{{CATEGORY}}} with a dash "{{{-}}}" to disable debug logging for it. ie:
     10xpra start :10 -d all,-window
     15Each category can also be enabled using environment variable, which can be useful if you cannot modify the command line, or if the logging should happen very early on, or if you aren't calling the code from its normal wrappers.
     16Use: {{{XPRA_CATEGORY_DEBUG=1 xpra ...}}} to enable debug logging for your chosen {{{CATEGORY}}}.
     19It is also possible to enable and disable debug logging at runtime using:
     21xpra control :DISPLAY debug enable CATEGORY
     25xpra control :DISPLAY debug enable CATEGORY
     27And you can get the current list of debug loggers which:
     29xpra control :DISPLAY debug status