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Changes between Version 22 and Version 23 of NetworkProtocol

03/29/14 04:22:01 (7 years ago)
Antoine Martin



  • NetworkProtocol

    v22 v23  
    8888||{{{buffer-refresh}}}||window ID (or -1 for all), unused value, quality and if the server supports {{{window_refresh_config}}}: refresh options and client properties||the client should refresh the window(s) specified and update its batching and client properties as specified|| ||
    8989||{{{desktop_size}}}||width, height, screen(s) specification||the client's can tell the server that its screen resolution has changed||the server ''should'' ensure that its virtual screen is big enough to accommodate the new size, it ''should'' tell the client about the resolution it settled on using a {{{desktop_size}}} packet of its own, it ''may'' update other attributes ("workarea", etc)|| ||
     90||{{{rpc}}}||rpc_type and type specific arguments (only dbus supported at present)||the server should call the dbus function specified and reply with a {{{rpc-reply}}} packet||{{{dbus_proxy}}}||
     91||{{{sound-control}}}||command and optional arguments||the client may use this call to {{{stop}}}, {{{start}}}, {{{fadein}}}, {{{fadeout}}} or request a {{{new-sequence}}}||the server ''should'' honour it|| ||
    9092||{{{shutdown-server}}}|| ||the client (usually a command line client like {{{xpra stop}}}) wants to stop the server||the server ''should'' disconnect all the clients and shutdown cleanly, stopping the display if it owns it|| ||
    9193||{{{exit-server}}}|| ||the client (usually a command line client like {{{xpra exit}}} wants the server to exit||the server ''should'' disconnect all the clients and exit, unlike {{{shutdown}}} it ''should not'' stop the display||{{{}}}||
    9395||{{{screenshot}}}|| ||the client wants a screenshot of all the active windows||the server ''should'' reply with a {{{screenshot}}} packet containing the screenshot as a {{{PNG}}} image|| ||
    95 TODO: undocumented:
    96 ||{{{rpc}}}||
    97 ||{{{sound-control}}}||
    10098* Changing speed or quality is not applicable to all encodings, the server will expose the relevant encodings through the capabilities: {{{encodings.with_speed}}}, {{{encodings.with_quality}}} and {{{encodings.with_lossless_mode}}} (for quality=100%)