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05/31/15 09:48:57 (6 years ago)
Antoine Martin

0.15 release!


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    22= Xpra News =
     6{{{#!div class="box"
     7== 2015-04-31 ==
     8=== 0.15.0 Release ===
     10It took a lot longer than planned, but it is finally here and we think it was worth the wait.
     11The fact that the 0.14 LTS branch will continue to be supported for a while allows us to drop compatibility with older platforms, remove workarounds and the ugly code that goes with it.
     13Here are the most noteworthy features and changes:
     14* [/wiki/Clients/HTML5 HTML5 Client] has been thoroughly re-worted by Josh Higgins, you can test drive it here: [http://xpra.org/html5/connect.html].
     15* [/wiki/Printing Printer forwarding]: you should be able to print on your local printer from a remote session
     16* [/wiki/Encodings/nvenc NVENC]:
     17 * support for SDK versions 4 and 5 (newer cards and drivers)
     18 * Lossless mode
     19 * YUV444 mode (no colour subsampling)
     20* libvpx 1.4 and VP9 support (#832): with the proper configuration, VP9 is now competitive with x264 and allows us to provide a fast and free-software compatible encoding!
     21* Remote client logging (#786): forwards the client's log messages to the server (enabled by default with OSX and MS Windows clients, but disabled in the default server configuration)
     22* Window management (#775 and many other tickets): still working towards a more standards compliant window manager implementation
     23* the OSX build is now automated using modulesets based on [http://www.gtk.org/download/macos.php gtk-osx]'s + [https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/Jhbuild jhbuild], so it is now much easier to get going - many thanks to Stephen Gauthier
     24* Python 3 support (#640 - ongoing): you can now build the xpra client for either Python 2.x or Python 3, the RPM packaging has been updated accordingly. (this remains a work in progress, especially on MS Windows and OSX)
     25* Older platforms have been dropped (you should continue to use the 0.14.x branch for those):
     26 * centos 5.x because of its older Python 2.4
     27 * Ubuntu Precise and Debian Wheezy: we no longer support those versions of libav (though it is still possible to build and run xpra without it)
     28* Sound is now handled out of process, which makes it more reliable (#669 fixes some crashes with the clipboard) and less susceptible to latency jitters in the main process (and we should have audio-video synchronization in the next release: #839)
     29* Picture encoding improvements, ie: multi-delta regions (#756 minimizes the bandwidth used by browsers unnecessarily repainting the screen)
     30* You can now start new commands in an existing session from the tray (#638 - this is disabled by default), or via the "xpra control" interface
     32There are many other changes under the hood too, too many to list here.
     34For more details, see the [/milestone/0.15 0.15 milestone page].