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Xpra News


2.1 Important Features

  • improve system wide proxy server and logind support on Linux: #1105, socket activation: #1521
  • new authentication modules:
    • new peercred authentication module: #1524 (used by system wide proxy)
    • new sqlite authentication module: #1488
  • split packages for RPM, MS Windows and Mac OS, making it possible to install just the client or just the server, with or without audio support, etc: #1253
  • digitally signed MS Windows installers: #1499
  • HTML5 client improvements: file upload support (#1376), better language support (#1484, #1487), re-connection etc (#1473), more complete window management (#1491), mobile on-screen keyboard (#1520)
  • remote drag and drop support
  • better Multicast DNS support, with a GUI launcher
  • improved image depth / deep color handling
  • desktop mode can now be resized easily: #1557
  • any window can be made fullscreen (Shift+F11 to trigger): #1567
  • Python3 GTK3 client is now usable: #640 (but still lacks opengl accelerated rendering #1569, and clipboard support #1589)
  • ability to shutdown a server instance from the tray menu: #1540
  • macos library updates: #1501, support for virtual desktops: #776
  • NVENC SDK version 8 and HEVC support: #1552
  • shadow servers improvements: show shadow pointer in opengl client (#1496),
  • structural improvements and important bug fixes: #1470, #1474, #1458 ..


2.0 Important Features

This release finally drops compatibility with many outdated libraries and Operating Systems so we can streamline the code, use newer technologies and better prepare for the future. The following systems are no longer supported:

  • Windows XP and Vista: you must use the "legacy" builds (see here)
  • Mac OSX builds now require a 64-bit system, version 10.9 (aka Mavericks) or newer
  • Debian Squeeze and Wheezy; Ubuntu Precise and Trusty; centos 6.x, 7.0 and 7.1
  • Python 2.6 and older, Python 2.7 versions lacking ssl.SSLContext
  • GStreamer 0.10: now using 1.x series
  • pycrypto: superseded by python-cryptography
  • Pillow versions older than 3.0
  • PyOpenGL versions older than 3.1

The following codecs have also been removed:

  • csc_opencl: rarely used and known to cause problems with some icd configurations
  • csc_cython and csc_opencv: too slow
  • webp: version conflicts, performance issues with some versions
  • xvid: unused

Actual new features:

  • 64-bit builds for MS Windows (#678) and MacOSX (#840)
  • MS Windows MSYS2 based build system with fully up to date libraries (#678)
  • MS Windows full support for named-pipe connections (#1174)
  • MS Windows and MacOSX support for mmap transfers (#1004)
  • more configurable mmap options to support KVM's ivshmem (#1387)
  • faster HTML5 client, now packaged separately (RPM only #1372)
  • clipboard synchronization support for the HTML5 client (#1461)
  • faster window scrolling detection, bandwidth savings (#1426)
  • support more screen bit depths: 8, 16, 24, 30 and 32 - see wiki/ImageDepth
  • support 10-bit per pixel rendering with the OpenGL client backend (#1309)
  • improved keyboard mapping support when sharing sessions (#1373)
  • faster native turbojpeg codec (#1423)
  • OpenGL enabled by default on more chipsets, with better driver sanity checks (#1367)
  • better handling of tablet input devices (Mac OSX #1157, HTML5 client #1424)
  • synchronize Xkb layout group (#1380)
  • support stronger HMAC authentication digest modes (r14790)
  • unit tests are now executed automatically on more platforms (Mac OSX r14871, MS Windows: r14870, #847)
  • fix python-lz4 0.9.0 API breakage (#1464)
  • fix html5 visual corruption with scroll paint packets (#1432)


1.0 Important Features

The 1.0 LTS release is here at last!

Here's a list of the most prominent features:

  • SSL socket support #1252, documentation and examples here: wiki/Encryption/SSL, supported in the launcher
  • we've been assigned the default port 14500 by IANA: #731, so the TCP port is now optional ie: xpra attach tcp:hostname
  • run a system-wide proxy server service (#1335) on our default port, using system authentication
  • MS Windows users can start a shadow server from the start menu, which is also accessible via http
  • MSI installer for unattended MS Windows installations: r14252
  • list all local network sessions exposed via mdns using xpra list-mdns #1332
  • the proxy servers can start new sessions on demand: #1319
  • much faster websocket / http server for the HTML5 client: #1252, with SSL support: #1213, MS Windows and Mac OS X server support: #1211
  • much improved HTML client: #1341, including support for native video decoding in #1107
  • VNC-like desktop support: #1206 + #1247 ie: xpra start-desktop --start-child=fluxbox --exit-with-children
  • pointer grabs using Shift+Menu #1229, keyboard grabs using Control+Menu #1195
  • window scrolling detection for much faster compression: #1232
  • server-side support for 10-bit colours: #909
  • better automatic encoding selection and video tuning: #1257, #1135, #1014, support H264 b-frames: #800
  • file transfer improvements: #1026
  • SSH password input support on all platforms in launcher: #1240
  • client applications can trigger window move and resize with MS Windows and Mac OS X clients: #772 (ie: google chrome requires this)
  • geometry handling improvements, multi-monitor #1284, fullscreen: #1327
  • drag and drop support between application windows: #770
  • colour management synchronisation: #1086 (and DPI, workspace, etc)
  • the configuration file is now split into multiple logical parts, see /etc/xpra/conf.d: #1254
  • more configuration options for printers: #1325
  • clipboard direction restrictions: #276
  • webcam improvements: better framerate, device selection menu #1113
  • audio codec improvements: #1196, #1204, #1227, new codecs: #1212, mpeg audio codec: #1194
  • reliable video support for all Debian and Ubuntu versions via private ffmpeg libraries: #1256
  • use XDG_RUNTIME_DIR if possible: #1129, move more files to /run: #888 (sockets, log file)
  • build and packaging improvements: #977, minify during build: #890, rpm "python2": #1258, netbsd v4l: #1223, selinux policy for printing: #815
  • Mac OS X PKG installer now sets up ".xpra" file and "xpra:" URL association, #1163
  • Mac OS X remote shadow start support (not all versions are supported): #1169

And many other more structural improvements under the hood!

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