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  • Packaging/DistributionPackages/MissingFixes

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     1{{{#!div class="box"
     3= Missing Fixes from Distribution Packages =
     5This page is well out of date, it is only kept as an example of the sorts of problems you can expect when using out of date versions.
     12Example of some of the fixes found in later 0.14.x and 0.15.x stable releases which may be missing from distributions that got stuck at a particular minor update (ie: 0.14.10 for Debian):
     13* important fixes: r10197 (abysmal performance), r10160, printing broken (r10165 + r10105 + r10142), nvenc (r10000 + r10078, also on Debian / Ubuntu: r10133), r10128, r10119, opencl broken (r10024 + r10084), win32 server (#637), win32 client fix (r9751),  r9997, r9983, r9970, opengl crashes (r9924 + r9871?, r9799), r9888, r9851, compatibility fixes (r9857 + r9640), r9753, paint failures (r9682), r9711, r9715, shadow fix (r9728), may crash (r9725), no transparency (r9661), leak (r9654), r9620
     14* more minor fixes: r10196, r10139, r10104, r10046, r10029, r9996, r9978, r9868, r9898, r9915, r9796, r9770, r9803, r9694, r9727, r9675, r9609
     16You can find the full list of changes merged here: [/wiki/Versions/PendingFixes] (under commit log).
     17Some other fixes are simply not available in older branches, here are a few: [/Versions/PendingFixes/Abandoned].
     22Non exhaustive list of bugs we would have backported to older branches if they were still maintained (mostly cumulative, the further back you go, the more you need):
     23* {{{v0.13.x}}} (most also apply if you're using Debian or Ubuntu's {{{0.14.10}}}): r9354, r9415, r9418, r9441 (crash), r9589, r9621 (leak), r9671, r9753, #902 (r9826 - visual corruption), r9879, r9918, r9970, r8945, r9011 (leak), r9173 (race, connection errors), r8973 (races), r9003, r9003, r9005 (filtering ineffective), r8945, r8924 and r8917 (potential double free), r8788 (connection drops), r8777, r8749, r8708, r8659, r8445, r8442 (crash), r8278, r8227, r8185, r8135, r8079 (crash), r7979 (deadlock), r7524 (use disabled algorithms), r7408... and many many more
     24* {{{v0.12.x}}}: r6696, r7634, r6735, r6766, r6767, r6788, r6874 (memleak!), r6913, r6915, r7002, r7004, r7111 (leak), r7146 (deadlock), r7237 (connection failure), r7239 (crashes), #632, #588, #597, #284, #600, ...
     25* {{{v0.11.x}}}: r5842, r5898, r5899, r5900
     26* {{{v0.10.x}}}: r5207, r5209 + r5210, r5207
     27* {{{v0.9.x}}}: r4023, r4039 (and plenty more)