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How to build covers installing the required libraries and building from source, it is a pre-requisite for building packages.


The spec file can be found here: xpra.spec
The quick and easy way (tested on Fedora 18):

mkdir -p ${HOME}/rpmbuild/SOURCES/ >& /dev/null
cd trunk/src
./setup.py sdist
cp dist/parti-all-*.tar.gz ${HOME}/rpmbuild/SOURCES/
cp patches/* ${HOME}/rpmbuild/SOURCES/
rpmbuild -ba ../scripts/xpra.spec --define 'Fedora 1'
ls -s ${HOME}/rpmbuild/RPMS/*/


1744 xpra-0.8.0-0.fc18.x86_64.rpm

You may need to add arguments to the rpmbuild command line to enable/disable certain features, or simply to get it to build properly on other RPM based distros. For example, to build on CentOS 6 64-bit with static video libraries and no opengl support, use:

rpmbuild -ba xpra.spec \
    --define 'CentOS 1'
    --define 'python_sitelib /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages'
    --define 'build_no 5'
    --define 'dist .el6'
    --define 'el6 1'
    --define 'static_video_libs 1'
    --define 'opengl 0'



Gentoo Ebuilds

You can find a generally up-to-date ebuild here /scripts (the ones in gentoo are somewhat behind the curve and fail to apply bug fixes in due time..).
The ebuilds for the released versions can be found here: http://www.xpra.org/dists/gentoo/