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This feature is experimental in version 0.15.

Known limitations and caveats:

  • the protocol and implementation may still change. See ticket #598.
  • forwarding is only supported to a Posix server. (support for MS Windows and OSX as servers may be added in the future)
  • you may encounter some permission issues: the user running the xpra server must be a printer administrator - whatever group that may be
    • for Fedora and centos the sys group: gpasswd -a $USER sys
    • for Debian and Ubuntu the lpadmin group: usermod -a -G lpadmin $USER
  • selinux causes problems and must be disabled (see #815)

Installation and platform support

  • centos will require some manual work (as the required RPM packages do not exist)
  • MS Windows and OSX clients (10.6 onwards) should work out of the box
  • Fedora 20+ should work out of the box
  • Debian and Ubuntu: the dependencies are listed as "suggestions" only, so you may need to run apt-get install python-cups cups-pdf.

Usually, you will just need python-cups and cups-pdf.