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Changes between Version 11 and Version 12 of Profiling

01/09/13 10:02:40 (8 years ago)
Antoine Martin



  • Profiling

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    4343* if testing locally (which is generally more convenient), don't forget to turn off mmap with {{{--no-mmap}}}
    4444* when comparing versions/changes/settings: use the runtime parameter to ensure that each run will last for exactly the same amount of time - this makes it easier to compare the labels using absolute values, and script the whole thing so the client connects at exactly the same time if profiling the server
     45* ensure that the picture quality is the same, if the client or server is struggling, the quality may drop which can result in better numbers (latency, fps) when in fact the performance is worse
    4546* focus on one thread at a time - there is not much overlap/impact between different threads
    4647* choose an application to test which will stress the desired portion of the code (ie: if testing the network or encoding thread, an application that generates a high frames-per-second is more appropriate than what may ultimately be the target application for the system)