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    3030Here is some information which is often relevant and should therefore be included in most tickets to save time:
    3131* what operating system is used on both the client and server, including the full version details
    32 * changes made to the default configuration, if any. This can be shown with the command: "xpra showconfig" (version 0.16 onwards)
    33 * the desktop environment
     32* changes made to the default configuration, if any. This can be shown with the command: "xpra showconfig"
     33* the desktop environment, window manager used - if applicable
    3434* anything that would make the setup unusual: number of screens, resolution, virtualization software, access via another remote desktop tool (VNC, RDP, ..), etc
    35 * the network setup, bandwidth constraints
     35* the network setup, bandwidth constraints (ie: LAN or DSL)
    3636* the full command lines used both on the server and client
    3737* the server log file (or output if no log file is used)
    3939* "{{{xpra info}}}" for the session
    4040* how the software was installed and what version (in full)
    41 * is this a new problem or a regression?
    42 * are there other bugs that are slightly similar?
     41* is this a new problem or a regression? (if a regression, when did it start?)
     42* are there other bugs that are similar?
    4343* are there other unusual issues / behaviour apart from this particular bug?
    4444* is it reproducible reliably? and if so, how?
    4949* does it happen with other type of clients (different OS, etc)
    5050* try to include the output of some of the diagnosis tools we bundle (ie: {{{Network_Info.exe}}} and {{{Encoding_Info.exe}}} on MS Windows, {{{net_util.py}}} and {{{loader.py}}} everywhere else)
    51 * The [/wiki/Debugging debugging instructions] can be used to add a lot more detailed information (if encountering a crash, installing the debug packages can allow gdb to capture more meaningful stacktraces)
     51* if possible, follow the [/wiki/Debugging debugging instructions]
    5353The best way to ensure that the information is clear and detailed is often to just paste the command lines used to get the information directly. ie: rather than saying "I have the latest version installed" (which by definition, changes all the time), paste something like this: