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Changes between Version 6 and Version 7 of ReportingBugs

01/12/13 06:09:04 (9 years ago)
Antoine Martin



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    1212* what operating system is used on both the client and server, including the full version details, the desktop environment, and anything that would make this setup unusual, number of screens, resolution, etc
    1313* the network setup, bandwidth constraints
     14* the full command lines used both on the server and client
    1415* "xpra info" for this session
    1516* how the software was installed and what version (in full)
    1819* are there other unusual issues / behaviour apart from this particular bug?
    1920* is it reproducible reliably? and if so, how?
     21* does this happen with all picture encodings?
     22* does switching off certain features make a difference (ie: clipboard)
    2023* include relevant parts of the log files - including enough context to investigate (not just the last line showing the error message, but not necessarily the whole log file either)
    2124* does re-connecting help?