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please use https://github.com/Xpra-org/xpra instead.

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Reporting Bugs

If you are reporting a bug, it generally means that you want something investigated and changes to take place. If you have not read it yet, please take a moment to read Smart Questions - it is a very good read and will be helpful to you well beyond the scope of this project.

Here is some information which is often, if not always, relevant and should therefore be included in most tickets:

  • what operating system is used on both the client and server, including the full version details, the desktop environment, and anything that would make this setup unusual, number of screens, resolution, etc
  • the network setup, bandwidth constraints
  • how the software was installed and what version (in full)
  • is this a new problem or a regression?
  • is it reproducible reliably? and if so, how?
  • include relevant parts of the log files - including enough context to investigate (not just the last line showing the error message, but not necessarily the whole log file either)
  • does re-connecting help?
  • does it happen with other type of clients (different OS, etc)

The best way to ensure that the information is clear and detailed is often to just paste the command lines used to get the information directly. ie: rather than saying "I have the latest version installed" (which by definition, changes all the time), paste something like this:

$ rpm -qa | grep xpra

Obviously, the type of information needed varies depending on the type of bug - see keyboard bugs for example.

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