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Changes between Version 9 and Version 10 of SessionInfo

08/28/14 10:18:17 (7 years ago)
Antoine Martin



  • SessionInfo

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    6565A modern CPU should be able to keep this value below 50ms plus the TCP connection latency. TCP packet drops can cause this value to increase more dramatically.
     67== Client Latency (ms) ==
     68Is identical to the server latency above, but it is measured by the server to the client instead.
     70== Batch Delay (ms) ==
     71This value represents how long the server waits for window updates to accumulate before actually processing them and sending them to the client.
     72This value changes dynamically to try to provide the best framerate without flooding the connection with compressed pixel data.
     73The value shown here is for all the windows, but each window has its own statistics which can be accessed using {{{xpra info}}} for more details.
     75It is a function of:
     76* the client and server latency (as explained above)
     77* the client pixel processing latency (..)
     78* how busy the server's compression work queue is (how many regions of screen are waiting to be processed)
     79* how many compressed packets are waiting to be sent
     80* how well the network layer is performing at sending those packets
     81* whether the window is fullscreen or maximized, focused, the type of window, etc..
     82It should be explained in more detail here: [/wiki/WindowRefresh#TheBatchDelayFactors batch delay factors] (information is slightly out of date..)