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Changes between Version 10 and Version 11 of SessionInfo

08/28/14 10:30:31 (7 years ago)
Antoine Martin



  • SessionInfo

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    52 == Server Latency (ms) ==
     52== Server Latency ==
    5353This is a measure of how long it takes for:
    5454* the client to send a "ping" packet
    6565A modern CPU should be able to keep this value below 50ms plus the TCP connection latency. TCP packet drops can cause this value to increase more dramatically.
    67 == Client Latency (ms) ==
     68== Client Latency ==
    6869Is identical to the server latency above, but it is measured by the server to the client instead.
    70 == Batch Delay (ms) ==
     72== Batch Delay ==
    7173This value represents how long the server waits for window updates to accumulate before actually processing them and sending them to the client.
    7274This value changes dynamically to try to provide the best framerate without flooding the connection with compressed pixel data.
     87== Damage Latency ==
     88This value represents the time it takes to:
     89* retrieve the pixels from the window
     90* compress them
     91* submit them to the network protocol layer
     92* pass them on to the operating system (which still has its own network buffers - though we do set the {{{NODELAY}}} socket flag, so this should be fairly small)
     94This is the step that happens after we have waited for the batch delay above.
     97== Encoding Quality and Speed ==
     98This value applies to the video encodings, {{{jpeg}}} and {{{webp}}} encodings.
     99When using a video encoder, we may also send the same area again using a lossless encoding as part of the "automatic lossless refresh".
     101More information here: [/wiki/WindowRefresh#SpeedandQualityautotuning speed and quality auto tuning]
     104== Decoding Latency ==
     105This figure represents the average time it takes for the client to decompress the screen updates it receives and update the window contents with it.
     108== Regions/s ==
     109This is the number of screen updates per second.
     110Bear in mind that those updates may be very large or very small, and anything in between..
     113== Pixels/region ==
     114This is the average size of the screen updates the client is receiving.
     117== Pixels/s ==
     118The total number of pixel updates displayed per second.