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Shadow Server


This feature refers to the ability to use an existing display server (an existing session, usually running on a real display) and use xpra to access it remotely.

It is supported on all platforms including MS Windows and Mac OS X, but it is not optimized and will cause high CPU load on both the server and the client.

SSH Usage Example

If you have SSH access to the machine whose display you wish to shadow, simply run from your client:

xpra shadow ssh:HOST:DISPLAY

This will connect over SSH, start and xpra shadow server and connect to it.

The shadow server will be stopped once you disconnect.

The xpra shadow server will be accessible like any other xpra server through its unix domain socket (ie: xpra info ssh:HOST:DISPLAY), and it will show a system tray menu whilst active.

All Platforms

If remote start is not supported as above (as is the case on MS Windows and Mac OS X), or simply if you want to start the shadow server manually (and potentially configure more options).

To expose your existing main display session (usually found at :0 on *nix) using a TCP server on port 10000:

xpra shadow :0 --bind-tcp=


  • this does not cover wiki/Authentication or wiki/Encryption
  • MS Windows and Mac OS X do not have X11 display names (:0 in the example above), just choose any value you like (this can simply be omitted with newer versions)

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