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    88== Generic Regression Testing Issues ==
     9* test every xpra sub-command (upgrade, info, proxy, etc)
    910* Python versions: as of version 0.15, we only support Python 2.6 and 2.7 (ie: CentOS5.x for old versions of python) - code that is not backwards compatible can often make it into the repository and should be fixed before major releases, simply compile-testing it is often enough to spot those, other issues may affect packaging (ie: #116) or also sometimes more complex (r2683), which means testing beta package builds, other bugs can be more difficult to identify and even more difficult to fix (ie: #251, #215). We also want to check that the Python 3.x version can be built via the [/browser/trunk/src/python3-build python3-build] script (compile tested), though actually using/testing it is not required at present since it isn't officially supported.
    1011* gtk/pygtk versions: similar to Python, older versions (ie: 2.17 and older) can cause problems, see: r2863, r2706, r2705, r1498, r555, r554.