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  • Versions/ReleaseProcess

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     1{{{#!div class="box"
     2= Release Process =
     4Always subject to change, see also the [/roadmap].
     6== Development Phase ==
     7roughly 2 months:
     8* ticket review and planning: updating the new [/trac/roadmap milestone page]
     9* code refactoring and cleanups early
     10* beta builds
     11* run automated tests
     13== Stabilisation Phase ==
     14roughly 1 month - much more for LTS releases:
     15* updating the OSX and win32 builds to the latest versions supported (ie: ffmpeg, pillow, etc..)
     16* update [/browser/xpra/trunk/src/patches patches] with new offsets
     17* check profiling results for regressions (see #797)
     18* add new tests (see #847, #177, #660)
     19* run with "-d all" and look for exceptions, look for idle events with out any clients connected
     20* test against the oldest client and server versions supported
     21* whitespace / tabspace cleanup
     22* tagging the version in [/browser/xpra/tags the repository]
     24== Release ==
     25a few weeks at most - bug fixes only:
     26* add to [/wiki/News] page
     27* re-assign unfinished tickets to a later milestone if the work is not completed (excluding testing)
     28* update [/wiki/Source] and also this page
     29* send announcements emails
     31== Maintenance Updates ==
     33Fixes are almost always committed to trunk before landing in other branches, you can find a list of the currently [/wiki/Versions/PendingFixes pending fixes here].
     34The exact schedule of those updates depends mostly on the severity of the issues fixed.