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This bug tracker and wiki are being discontinued
please use https://github.com/Xpra-org/xpra instead.

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Getting Started : Versions

Current Status

There are 2 versions currently supported and one in development which you can download from this repository:

Version Details Planned EOL Date
v1.0.x old LTS stable version 2020
v3.0.x new LTS stable version 2022
trunk the current development tree (will become 4.0) TBC

The bug fixes due to be backported are recorded here: pending fixes. For more information, see wiki/Versions/ReleaseProcess

Unsupported Versions

Do not use!

Version EOL Date
v0.14.x 2017-01 (was LTS)
v0.15.x 2016-02
v0.16.x 2016-03
v0.17.x 2016-10
v2.0.x 2017-07
v2.1.x 2017-12
v2.2.x 2018-05
v2.3.x 2018-10
v2.4.x 2019-03
v2.5.x 2019-09


Versions older than 1.0 are not supported.
Some platforms are no longer supported in version 2.0, see wiki/Platforms for details.

If your distributor ships an older version or an EOL version, you should complain to them for not updating a package with known bugs and serious vulnerabilities (more info here: wiki/Packaging/DistributionPackages).

You can mix versions between the clients and servers, as long as they are reasonably up to date:

  • v0.14.x was compatible with versions 0.7.8 onwards. (it may or may not have worked with earlier versions)
  • v1.0.x is compatible with versions 0.14.x onwards only
  • v2.x is designed to be compatible with version 1.x onwards only
  • v3.x and v4.x are compatible with version 1.x onwards only


You can find binaries for tagged versions on the supported platforms here:

You may find beta builds of any branch or trunk here:

More download information here: wiki/Download.