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Changes between Version 11 and Version 12 of WindowRefresh

03/18/13 21:14:59 (9 years ago)
Antoine Martin

more info on "auto" tuning


  • WindowRefresh

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    154154    target=4.00, new_speed=5.00
    156 Please refer to [/browser/xpra/trunk/src/xpra/batch_delay_calculator.py#L133 the code] for details. ({{{update_video_encoder}}})
     156Please refer to [/browser/xpra/trunk/src/xpra/batch_delay_calculator.py#L133 the code] for accurate information. ({{{update_video_encoder}}})
     158The auto-tuning code:
     159* honours the minimum speed and quality settings set via {{{--min-quality}}} and {{{-min-speed}}}
     160* tunes the speed so that encoding of one frame takes roughly as long as the batch delay (the time spent accumulating updates for the next frame), so that there is only one frame in the pipeline on average. The aim is to always keep the encoder busy, but without any backlog. (note: this does not necessarily lead to the best framerate, since a busy cpu may cause the batch delay to increase... and in turn lower the speed)
     161* client speed: if the client is struggling to decode frames, then we use a higher speed (which means less effort in decompressing the stream) - the target client decoding speed is 8 MPixels/s
     162* quality: we try to lower the quality if we find that the client has a backlog of frames to draw/acknowledge (usually a sign of network congestion), or if the measure client latency is higher than normal (also a sign of congestion)